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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Inc. is an international air travel corporation. Delta has multiple segments including passenger flights, cargo services, and refinery. Its passenger flight and cargo segments provide multiple flights throughout the world. The refinery sector of Delta’s conglomerate allows the company to refine and provide its own fuels for powering the flight sectors through a partnership with BP and Phillips 66. Delta also keeps its maintenance and many other key operations in-house. With operations on six continents and so many in-house employment opportunities, Delta is a career jackpot.

About Delta Airlines Recruitment 

The company was founded in 1924 by Collett Everman Woolman and it was originally a crop dusting service. The concept of the service came about due to concerns over Bo weevils eating crops. An Agricultural scientist and experienced WWI pilot, Woolman engineered a hopper for his plane, tested, and then perfected his crop-dusting business, Huff Daland Dusters. Delta Air Service was formed in 1928 when it broke away from its parent company. Woolman continued expanding his services throughout the south into Mexico and South America. Passenger service began in parts of the southern USA in 1929. Throughout the 1930’s and 40’s, Delta continued to grow by gaining mail service contracts with the US Government and dedicating itself to transporting supplies and troops during WWII. Over the next five decades, Delta accumulated and merged with other airlines, expanding its holdings. Woolman remained active in the management of the company until his health deteriorated in his late 70’s. Delta’s board took over management and expanded its holdings further and now it is a global leader in air transportation.

Delta Airlines Jobs

Due to its large amount of in-house positions, the career opportunities and locations available for work are very substantial. Corporate, service, technical, and many other fields are available within the corporation. Delta employs over 81,000 people.

The benefits package that comes with being a Delta employee is quite impressive. Employees have the advantage of discounted or free travel passes. Medical, dental and vision insurance are offered to eligible workers. Delta is affiliated with many partner companies and employees have access to discounts throughout their network. The employee benefits also include retirement plans, diversity training, paid vacations, stock options, bereavement pay, pension plans, and many others.

The minimum age requirement for most positions is 18 or over. Some positions require an applicant to be at least 21 due to laws and regulations of job duties such as serving alcohol. The benefits package and free or discounted travel vouchers are major incentives to active and prospective employees.

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