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The federal government employs workers in every major occupational group, including Federal Government Jobs. Workers are not employed in the same proportions in which they are employed throughout the economy as a whole.

The analytical and technical nature of many government duties translates into a much higher proportion of professional, management, business, and financial occupations in the federal government, compared with most industries. Conversely, the government sells very little, so it employs relatively few sales workers.

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There are many federal government jobs available in the USA, ranging from entry-level positions to highly specialized roles. The federal government employs millions of workers across a wide range of agencies and departments. Some of the most common types of federal government jobs in the USA include:

Administrative Assistant - Administrative assistants provide support to executives and other employees in various departments of the federal government.

IT Specialist - IT specialists design, implement, and maintain computer systems and software applications used by federal government agencies.

Economist - Economists study and analyze economic data to provide insight into economic trends and issues affecting federal government policy.

Lawyer - Lawyers provide legal advice and represent federal government agencies in legal matters.

Accountant - Accountants manage and analyze financial records for federal government agencies, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Engineer - Engineers design and oversee the construction of federal government infrastructure projects, such as bridges, roads, and buildings.

Scientist - Scientists conduct research and develop new technologies for federal government agencies in a variety of fields, such as biology, chemistry, and physics.

Program Analyst - Program analysts evaluate federal government programs to ensure they are meeting their goals and objectives.

Foreign Service Officer - Foreign service officers represent the interests of the United States in foreign countries and work to promote diplomacy and international cooperation.

Intelligence Analyst - Intelligence analysts gather and analyze intelligence data for federal government agencies to inform national security decisions.

These are just a few examples of the many federal government jobs available in the USA. To find specific job openings in the federal government, you can search online job boards or visit the official website for the federal government's employment portal at

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